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8 complete sets of
independently developed teaching content.

Adhering to the basic concept of cultural exchange, language first, we adopt the basic mode of Teachers in China, Students around the world to conduct Chinese teaching.

More than 500 students study Chinese with us

Our One-to-many, interaction based core teaching products have been successfully launched in many countries around the world and widely praised by overseas students.

1200 Nomi Chinese online has accumulated more than 12,000 hours of teaching time online.

Nomi insists on innovation and adopts the model of Internet + Education to constantly improve ourselves and enhance user experience.

Our Skills & Expertise

Why we study Chinese in Nomi?

Happy learning method:Here, you will encounter the most interesting interactive classroom. We use situational teaching, games and other methods to make children learn and fall in love with Chinese. One-to-one exclusive courses, one for four small classes, make children's learning more diversified.
Many types of courses: Here, you can find the most suitable courses. No matter you are starting from scratch or advanced Chinese, you can find the right courses here. Zero Basic Chinese, reading, writing, speaking, picture speaking, HSK, AP Chinese... There are more comprehensive mathematics courses for you to choose.
Social learning: Here, you can not only meet a humorous teacher, but also help your child find a partner to study with, so that you will no longer be alone in learning Chinese.

Abundant teachers: Here, you can find all kinds of teachers, humorous, meticulous, patient, strict and serious... There is no need to worry about teachers not understanding children. Our Chinese teachers all have foreign teaching experience. The perfect teaching training makes our teachers more excellent.
Customer service real-time response: Here, you will encounter the most patient customer service. If students or parents encounter any problems, customer service teachers will help you, so that the child's learning process more smooth, so that parents feel more secure.

Our Teacher


Star teachers

Miss Becky, from China, has a bachelor's degree in International Chinese education. She once taught Chinese courses in university and has excellent Chinese skills. I have about 4 years of teaching experience. I once taught Chinese to students in Maldives and participated in the Chinese exchange program of international schools in the United States.


Special-class teacher

Mr. Li is from China and has a bachelor's degree. He has rich teaching experience and enjoys working with children. He will provide an interesting class for the students and make them happy to study. Li is able to integrate THE TPR teaching method into online teaching and help students understand the content. He is good at using visual effects, whether it is powerpoint or holding a whiteboard, he can use markers to attract students' attention. He will encourage his students to speak and use complete sentences as often as possible.


Special-class teacher

Jo is from China and has a bachelor's degree in Chinese International Education. Jo has 4 years of teaching experience, including teaching in primary and junior high schools. She can't wait to see you. Kids will love learning with Jo. Jo is looking forward to seeing the lovely children in Nomi class. Come and join her!

looking forward to meeting you in Nomi class!