Comprehensive Basic Chinese

Short Description:

Course Overview


Age: 6-16years old

Total lesson time: 1200 classes in primary school

Junior high school section 600

(subject to the actual number of sessions)

Suitable for people: suitable for overseas Chinese who have good Chinese expression and strong understanding ability

This course is a course for overseas Chinese teenagers. The course is more difficult than zero basic Chinese course. If parents do not have higher requirements on students’ Chinese level, or do not want their children to return to China for development, we suggest that you can choose zero basic Chinese course for Juniors. Chinese parents who have lived overseas for many years often have such worries: what if my child can’t speak Chinese? I want my child to return home for development, but his Chinese level is very difficult to keep up with the domestic children. I hope my children can have partners to learn Chinese together If you have such problems, this course can solve them for you. The teaching content of this course is directly in line with the teaching materials published by the people’s education press in China, so as to solve the current situation that the Chinese ethnic groups are divorced from Chinese learning abroad. Through the improvement of teaching methods and the selection of teaching contents, we have set up phased learning objectives and requirements for young Chinese students of Chinese descent. We have made the Chinese content of PEP more in line with the understanding and cognition of overseas Chinese children. Synchronized with China’s nine-year compulsory education, it contains a large number of homework, exercise papers, and extracurricular reading textbooks.

Course introduction and objectives

Emphasize the use, learning the language of life. We pay attention to the study of traditional culture. There are 124 ancient poems and essays in 12 volumes of the six grades in primary school, and 124 ancient poems and essays in the six volumes in junior high school. It extends the teaching from classroom to extracurricular and forms a trinity reading teaching system of “teaching-reading-self-reading-after-class reading”.

Curriculum idea

Education orientation, pay more attention to the promotion of the fine traditional Chinese culture, pay more attention to national pride education, reflect the nature of The Times, highlight innovation, is conducive to the realization of the goal of “cultivating people with morality”.

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