Chinese Geography And Cuisine

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Age group: 12 years and above

Total lesson time: 50

Suitable for: Suitable for HSK2 level and above students

Do you know the history of food and cities? Like food, but also like Chinese urban geography? Chinese food culture has a long history. The formation of a cuisine is closely related to its long history and unique cooking characteristics. At the same time, it is also affected by the natural geography, climate conditions, resources, specialty products, eating habits and so on. China’s “eight major cuisines” have their own culinary skills and characteristics. Shandong cuisine is the first of the eight major cuisines with a long history. It has a strong cultural heritage. Sichuan cuisine takes the rich products of Bashu and cooks the delicious food of Bashu, including seven Ziba and eight flavors. Jiangsu cuisine is exquisite and exquisite. Hunan cuisine is sweet, sour and spicy, with all kinds of flavors and strong flavor. Huizhou cuisine is ancient and delicious, with fresh poultry Zhejiang cuisine is cooked in the South and the north, which is fresh and crisp; Fujian cuisine is fresh and mellow, with color, flavor and shape; Guangdong cuisine is light and fresh, and has a profound influence. Then get into the course to enjoy the charm of traditional Chinese culture and modern culture!

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Are you interested in Chinese geography? Interested in the beautiful scenic spots in Chinese cities? Are you interested in Chinese food? Come and learn this lesson! Learn about China while appreciating the beauty and food. From Beijing to Taiwan, from Guangdong to Gansu, the course is rich in content, covering the geographical location, food characteristics and famous scenic spots of nearly 40 regions. After this course, you will no longer need a guide to visit China.

Course objectives

1. Master about 480 vocabulary related to food, geography, culture and so on.

2. Be able to write an essay of no less than 200 words about a place or food.

3. Learn about the local customs, food and beauty of different places in China.

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