Nomi Chinese Online
Curriculum System

Nomi Chinese Online
Self - Developed Core Curriculum

L1 - L2 Listening & Speaking

168 lessons & 18 Themes & 200 words
Understand the pronunciation and spelling of 63 Pinyin and be able to distinguish the initial, vowel and the whole syllable.
Focus on improving listening and speaking ability. Improve students' interest in Chinese through topic training and lay a foundation for fluent oral expression.
Learn 29 strokes, 40 radicals of Chinese characters and 28 basic Chinese characters. Form a basic understanding of the structure and writing of Chinese characters.

L3 - L4 Reading & Writing

480 lessons & 32 Themes & 800 words
Learn natural spelling skills, communication skills; read different types of articles, improve reading ability and cultivate writing awareness and Chinese thinking ability.
Be able to read medium and long articles independently and write simple Chinese articles easily.

L5 - L7 Context & Topic

220 lessons & 16 Themes & 1500 Words
Learn grammar systematically and improve reading skills.
Cultivate students' comprehensive ability through the multi-level task learning model designed around different themes.
Be able to read long articles independently and write short articles easily.

L8 Deep Learning

200 lessons & 8 Themes & 2500 Words
Enhance humanity qualities and literary connotation through comprehensive study of culture, history and other aspects.
Understand the historical roots of Chinese and read articles on various subjects, conduct comprehensive context grammar practice to improve vocabulary systematically.
Be able to solve problems in real life with Chinese, learn to write professional articles such as investigation reports, newspaper comments, etc.