Customer Feedback

Special thanks to the teachers of Nomi Chinese online. Since I have to take care of the youngest baby, I can't continue to tutor my other kids.
Ms. Zhu has helped me a lot. My kids has been learning with her for more than a year. Now they can read stories independently and can talk fluently to me in Chinese at home.

— Yihan' s mom

She likes Ms. Ding's class very much, and Ms. Ding is always able to draw her attention to the class. She used to be very slow when she was doing her homework. Now she will finish her Chinese homework as soon as she finish the class and I don't need to supervise her anymore. 

——Jay's mom

I really appreciate Ms. Hu. In the past, it always took Leo about an hour to do mathematics addition and subtraction. After learning with Ms. Hu for two months, he can now complete 100 math problems in 10 minutes and the correct rate is also very high. I hope that Leo's math can get better and better and I don't have to worry about it anymore.

——Leo's mom

​ He grew up in the United States and there are no Chinese friends around him. He couldn't communicate with his grandparents when we returned to China in the past. This year I will take him back to surprise his grandparents! Thanks to Ms. Han for her help and patience with Raymond, thanks a lot!

——Raymond's mom