Zero Basic Chinese for Juniors

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Age: 4-18 years old

Total class time: 60 periods/level

Suitable for: for Chinese and non-Chinese children of non-first language

This course is specially designed for teenagers. It can adjust the learning plan according to the students’ current Chinese level and learning objectives. The ability of young people to accept new things and learn new knowledge is far more than that of adults. Therefore, Hanqiao teachers will focus on the four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing to cultivate young people’s Chinese learning and cognitive ability. The content of the course is interesting, from books to riddles, from songs to videos, students can learn Chinese happily, gradually master Chinese, and express Chinese fluently, thus making Chinese become their second foreign language. The course is divided into three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced.

The primary course is designed for young people who have no basic knowledge of Chinese. We suggest that you begin with the training of Chinese listening and pronunciation, and then slowly contact with Chinese pinyin and Chinese characters. In the course of this course, you will learn basic daily words and short sentences. At the end of the course, you must be able to understand the basic daily Q & A and be able to answer them in simple sentences.

Intermediate courses need to master the basic daily dialogue words, and can read Pinyin and simple Chinese characters. You will learn how to ask and answer questions in Chinese. At the same time, you will also learn how to write Chinese characters. At the end of the course, you will be able to discuss some daily topics with others in Chinese.

The advanced course is designed for teenagers who can use long Chinese sentences for daily Q & A. During the course, your Chinese vocabulary will be greatly improved and you will be able to read some simple stories, Chinese classics, news and selected articles of modern literature. At the end of the course, you can read long articles, narratives and so on.

Start with simple strokes and Chinese characters, and gradually develop your Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through fun exercises and games!

Course is an introduction to

1. For students with zero starting point, we will adopt a step-by-step teaching method from easy to difficult to develop their Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

2. Give full consideration to the cognitive psychological characteristics of young children, always adhere to the teaching philosophy of combining language learning and game demands, and integrate listening, speaking, singing, games, videos and other learning methods, so as to make language learning methods diversified. At the same time, combine cultural teaching, so that children can know more about Chinese culture.

Curriculum idea

After this series of courses, the child will be able to communicate with others in Chinese and express himself/herself fluently in Chinese. At the same time, can accumulate a certain amount of Chinese characters, understand Chinese culture.

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