Every Picture Tells A Story

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Age: 6-15 years old
Total class hours: 100
Suitable group: suitable for some students who have a certain foundation of Chinese to improve their writing

Combined with interesting pictures of life scenes, the essay can improve oral Chinese ability through observation and description! (Introduction to writing)

Through the picture unfolds the Chinese writing skill study, compared with the graceful model article study, greatly stimulates the writing interest.

Course introduction

Guide the child to describe the picture and let the child learn to speak with a pen. Speaking with pen is the same as speaking with mouth. Write what you want to say and write as much as you want. Let children overcome the fear of writing and stimulate their interest in writing. Rich and interesting essays combined with life scene pictures to improve the ability of oral Chinese expression. The content of writing covers a number of topics, including “looking at pictures to write people”, “looking at pictures to write things”, “looking at pictures to write things”, “looking at pictures to write imagination”, “reading pictures to write hobbies”, “reading pictures to write four seasons”, etc. Select 25 classic model essays and compare them with beautiful ones to stimulate their interest in writing. Instruct students how to describe pictures, combine learning with practice, and help children improve their writing ability quickly and efficiently.

Course objectives

1. Cultivate the ability of observation. Look at the picture in order, from top to bottom or from bottom to top, from far to near or from near to far; first the whole and then the details.
2. Cultivate imagination. Through guiding the children to observe the picture carefully, through the appropriate questions as the fulcrum, carry on the reasonable imagination, let the child learn to enrich the static picture.
3. Develop the ability of oral expression. Make your child’s expression more organized and coherent.
4. Develop the ability of written expression. Children can write about 5 sentences according to any topic.
5. After learning this course, children’s observation ability, imagination ability, thinking ability and expression ability can be cultivated, and the ability of reading pictures and writing words can be mastered, which lays a solid foundation for the follow-up writing training.
6. Children can write about 200 words of essays according to any topic.

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