Pinyin Crash Course

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Age: 12 years and above

Total lesson time: 16 periods

Suitable for the crowd: pinyin zero foundation students

Pinyin, as the basis of spoken Chinese course, is an indispensable part of Chinese learning. The four tone learning of Pinyin is the difficulty of pronunciation learning. The same Pinyin will produce different sounds after adding different tones. At the same time, the Chinese characters formed by different pronunciation will have different meanings. This is a difficulty, but it is also one of the charm of Chinese. Mastering the four tones of pinyin can help students to make correct pronunciation in oral Chinese learning, and help students better understand the meaning of Chinese characters in later learning

Course is an introduction to

This is a short course, through the image memory and fast reading, let students quickly grasp the pronunciation of pinyin. Focus on teaching more than 300 common Chinese phonetic syllables. To increase the learning of the four tones, the focus is to correct the pronunciation of Chinese pinyin, which can fundamentally alleviate the problem of foreign tones in Chinese pronunciation. The combination of pinyin learning and practical application will enable students to learn to use Pinyin in daily life, feel the charm of Pinyin, and understand the important role of pinyin in Chinese learning. Improve students’ oral pronunciation accuracy by strengthening the practice of spelling pinyin. By teaching students how to read and understand Pinyin, students can quickly master the spelling of pinyin. Learn to type in pinyin. Can input Chinese characters according to pronunciation.

Course objectives

Through this course, students can correctly read 21 initials (plus 2 zero initials y and W), 24 finals, 4 tones (plus neutral tone) and 16 syllables, and master the combination of sound and rhyme. Be able to read four tones correctly, spell Pinyin accurately, and read a short text completely according to Pinyin. Can according to the pronunciation, the application Pinyin typing method, complete type a sentence. Can understand the practical application of Chinese pinyin.

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