Story Based Fun With Chinese

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Age: 5-10 years old

Total lesson time: 120

Suitable for: zero-base young children

The love of colorful pictures is the nature of children. Children have a very rich imagination. Listening to stories, telling stories and reading stories are also their favorite things when they are young. Students who live outside the Chinese language environment seldom read Chinese. When they see a large number of Chinese characters at once, they often have the psychology of exclusion and fear. Through picture book story, the children’s favorite reading mode, we help children overcome their fear of Chinese characters. By using colorful pictures and interesting story plots, children can actively speak and remember, enhance their left and right brain cooperation, and cultivate their imagination and language expression ability.

Course is an introduction to

According to the characteristics of children’s thinking, tell a picture book story in a class to stimulate children’s interest in reading and make them love reading and reading more happily. The series features a series of stories and fairy tales, including PEPA the pig, Peter Rabbit and his friends, and three pigs. In the course, children will share their favorite stories. Students will try to tell their favorite stories by themselves. By sharing stories, children can build up their basic Chinese expression skills and gain several friendships. Through the learning of picture book stories, children are expected to read Chinese and are willing to express and communicate in Chinese, laying a good foundation for their future Chinese learning.

Course objectives

1. Make your child love reading.

2. There are a total of 120 growth series picture stories, each of which requires mastering a small amount of raw words and basic Chinese expressions.

3. Let the children understand some small truths, such as helping friends and respecting teachers, while listening to the story.

4. Let the child master the ability to read pictures and speak.


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