What are the easier places to learn Chinese than other languages?

Many people say that learning Chinese is difficult. In fact, it is not. In addition to the fact that Chinese characters really require memorization exercises, Chinese also has its simplicity compared to other languages.

Chinese Pinyin is concise and clear, written in Latin letters, and the number is limited. After learning 21 initials and 38 finals plus 4 tones, it covers almost all the pronunciations.

There is no morphological change in Chinese. For example, nouns in Russian are divided into masculine, feminine, and neutral. Each noun has two forms, singular and plural, and there are six different variations in singular and plural, so sometimes a noun has twelve types How about the change? Have you begun to sympathize with students who are learning Russian? Not only in Russian, but also in French and German nouns, there is no such change in Chinese.

The expression of singular and plural numbers in Chinese is relatively simple. In addition to adding “men” to personal pronouns, there is generally no need to emphasize the concept of plural numbers, and more rely on free translation.

The word order of Chinese is very important and relatively fixed. There is no distinction of “belonging to the case”, but in many languages, there are many changes in the “belonging to case”, and there are also adjectives that modify it. So many languages ​​and Chinese On the contrary, the order is not that important.

Chinese is very different from other languages ​​in the “grammatical category”. This is also the most concentrated place where Chinese is relatively easy to learn!!

Post time: Aug-07-2020