What Is An International Chinese Teacher?

International Chinese teachers are teachers who teach Chinese in accordance with international standards, and the teaching targets are people from countries or nationalities whose mother tongue is other languages. The hosting of the Olympic Games and the World Expo has given the world more opportunities to learn about and know China, and has prompted more multinational companies and foreigners to come to China to seek development and opportunities. In order to better integrate into China, 85% of foreigners choose to learn Chinese to understand Chinese culture and integrate into Chinese society. As a result, international Chinese teachers are playing an active and important role.

The unstoppable trend of Chinese in the world

The number of people studying Chinese in many countries around the world has increased by 50% or even doubled. The number of people studying Chinese in the world has exceeded 150 million, and with the continuous growth of China’s economy, the number of foreigners is still growing. In Chengdu, more than 100,000 foreigners are looking for Chinese teachers. They need to learn Chinese and Chinese culture to better adapt to their work and life in China.

There is a bottleneck in teachers, and international Chinese teachers are very popular

With the rapid growth of the number of Chinese learners in the world, the number of teachers of Chinese as a foreign language is far from meeting the needs of learners. According to official statistics, in addition to graduates majoring in Chinese as a foreign language cultivated by national colleges and universities, at least 40% of the teacher gap needs to be filled every year. Shobo International trains high-quality international Chinese teachers for Chinese learners around the world, and is especially widely recognized and welcomed by Europeans and Americans.

Post time: Aug-07-2020