Pinyin Level 1

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Course Overview


Age: 4-12 years old

Total lesson time: 30 periods

Suitable for the crowd: pinyin zero foundation students

Zero basis students happy learning pinyin enlightenment, in the form of games and levels so that students in a relaxed and happy atmosphere to learn to master pinyin, to learn Chinese to lay a solid foundation.

Course is an introduction to

The course is a short course, focusing on more than 300 commonly used Chinese pinyin syllables. Add interesting storyline, each letter in the character vividly appeared, easier to grasp students’ interest and attention. At the same time, there are various forms of classroom exercises, in the form of games and levels for students to learn and master pinyin in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Course objectives

Through this course, students can correctly read 21 initials (plus 2 zero initials Y and W), 24 finals, 4 tones (plus soft tones), 16 syllables as a whole, master the combination of sound and rhyme, and be able to read books with pinyin on their own.

The teaching content

1. Briefly introduce Chinese pinyin; Know the single finals a

2. Review single finals a; Learn the four tones; Know the single final o

3. Know single finals e; Review single vowel o Practice reading in o and e quad keys

4. Review the four tones of single vowel aoe; Know the single final I and practice the four tones of i

5. Review single finals i; Know the single final u and v, and practice the four tones of u and v

6. General review of single finals; Know initials b and p; Introduce spelling

7. Review initials b and p; Focus on spelling

8. Know initials m and f; Practice spelling

9. General review of single finals; Understand complex finals ai ei ui

10. Review complex finals ai ei ui; Review the rules of complex finals (cap song); Know the complex rhyme ao ou Iu


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