Reading And Writing Training

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Course Overview


Age: 10-16 years old

Total lesson time: 150

Suitable for: students who like reading outside class, HSK level 3 or above

Select essays, cultivate reading skills, improve reading speed and understanding ability! It is suitable for students who like extracurricular reading or want to improve their writing ability.

From a sentence to a paragraph, step by step, to improve the application of Chinese writing ability!

Reading and writing course combines with the relevant requirements of primary school Chinese curriculum standards, and extends to cover all types of primary school reading and writing! Whether it’s reading and writing in grade one or two or reading and writing in grade three to six, we always adhere to the goal of “promoting speaking by reading, promoting writing by speaking, paying equal attention to reading and writing, and improving simultaneously”, systematically helping students to carry out reading and writing training! Solid and effective classroom form, creative teaching methods, committed to enable students to generate reading skills, accumulate cultural connotation, accumulate writing methods!

Course introduction

1. Excellent selection of articles. This course not only provides rich basic knowledge and text understanding training, but also takes into account the literary and ideological nature of the selected text, hoping to stimulate students’ interest in Chinese learning.

2. Substantial content. There are 104 selected articles in this set of courses, with various types of questions, strong pertinence and exquisite layout design, so as to avoid students’ monotonous feeling.

3. Rich genre. It covers prose, narrative, lyric and other genres.

4. From a sentence, to a paragraph, and finally to an article, step by step; the content of composition guidance covers people, things, scenery, things, etc.; the style covers narrative, expository, argumentative, practical writing, etc.

Course objectives

1. Select 104 short articles, cultivate children’s basic reading skills, learn to summarize, analyze, summarize and reflect, so that children can initially understand the ideas and methods of writing Chinese articles.

2. Help children improve reading speed and reading comprehension ability, guide children to accumulate writing materials, and lay a solid foundation for writing training.

3. Gradually improve the application ability of Chinese writing, master the writing skills of writing people, events, scenery, diaries, letters and impressions, and write essays of no less than 300 words according to the corresponding topics.

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